Building America’s Next Lithium Success Story in the Global EV Boom

Developing Lithium Value in the Epicenter of US Production

ACME Lithium Inc.

The global electric vehicle (EV) boom is driving demand for a key element in battery power generation — lithium.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that by 2040 — 58% of all global vehicle sales will be electric.

That’s over 55 million EVs being sold annually — a nearly 20-fold increase from the 3 million being sold today.

Tesla founder, Elon Musk, goes a step further stating… all transportation on Earth will eventually go electric!

A little secret… ACME’s two core lithium assets are located less than 200 miles from Tesla’s Gigafactory (aka Tesla Giga Nevada) — a sprawling lithium-ion battery and EV component factory located in Storey County, Nevada.

And all of that demand is going to require tons and tons of lithium… the so-called “white petroleum.”

Lithium is the lightest metal on Earth. And it’s not just EVs that are driving its demand.

Lithium-ion batteries power the lives of millions of people each day from the EVs and hybrids we drive to the laptops and cell phones we use to connect to an ever-shrinking world.

Lithium power has gained massive popularity in recent years due to its ultra-light weight, high energy density, and ability to recharge.

The vast majority of lithium around the globe is produced from brines. It’s a relatively straightforward process whereby lithium brines are pumped to the surface allowing the sun and wind to work their evaporative magic.

Lithium mining showing large lithium-ore piles adjacent to evaporation ponds (Note: mining operation pictured above is not an ACME Lithium project; ACME’s projects are in the early-exploration stage).

Demand for Lithium is Growing & Growing

Lithium — because of its high-energy-per-unit-mass relative to other electrical energy storage systems — is ideal for use in car batteries as well as laptops, cell phones, and a host of consumer electronic devices.

Lithium batteries have become the front-running rechargeable energy storage medium — particularly for the rapidly growing EV industry — creating a strong demand forecast for lithium.

The global EV trend is being fueled by $Billions in investment by the world’s largest automakers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, GM, Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler — to name just a few!

Commitments to invest in lithium-ion batteries and EVs now totals an astounding US$90 billion globally with 39+ automakers moving into the electric/plug-in hybrid vehicle space.

And that growth in demand is resulting in a rise in the commodity pricing for the metal.

A surge in lithium prices got underway in November of 2020 and continues to accelerate. And when the lithium price moves — it tends to do so in a pretty dramatic fashion!

And that means that select lithium exploration companies with strategically located assets — such as ACME Lithium Inc. — have the potential to succeed over the coming years.


Led by president & CEO Stephen Hanson — whom you’re about to hear from directly — ACME Lithium Inc. trades on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol ACME and on the US OTC exchange under the symbol ACLHF.

Right now, its shares can be purchased below C$1.00 per share.

A significant rerating to the upside may be just around the corner as the company continues to advance its two early-stage lithium brine projects strategically located in the epicenter of lithium exploration and development in the United States — Esmeralda County, Nevada.

The company owns and is under option to acquire a combined 100%-interest in 122 claims totaling 2,440 acres in Clayton Valley (“Clayton Valley Project”) and owns a 100%-interest in 81 lode mining claims totaling 1,620 acres in Fish Lake Valley (“Fish Lake Valley Claims”) — both in Esmeralda County.

The company’s flagships are in close proximity to the Silver Peak Lithium Mine in Clayton Valley — owned and operated by Albemarle Corp. (NYSE: ALB) — a continuous lithium producer since 1966.

Based on that proximity and the underlying geology, the ACME Lithium team believes its properties have the potential to host lithium brines similar to Silver Peak — and preparations are well underway at both properties to test that thesis.

Strong Out of the Gate

The US Geological Survey has identified Clayton Valley as one of only three lithium-enriched areas on the planet.

And ACME Lithium has wasted no time in delineating the potential of its core lithium assets with the initiation of a mapping and sampling program at both Clayton Valley and Fish Lake Valley.

That program will be followed up by geophysics with phase-one drilling slated to commence before year-end 2021 or in early-2022.

Clayton Valley Project

ACME’s Clayton Valley prospect is located west of the only lithium brine production operation in North America — Albemarle’s Silver Peak Lithium Mine which has been in production for over half a century.

To the east, the Clayton Valley project borders Pure Energy Minerals’ joint venture with Schlumberger Technology Corporation.

Historic drill information and geophysical surveys show the Clayton Valley claims cover basin-fill sediments and aquifers similar to the sediments currently producing lithium brines in the region.

With mapping and sampling underway, there’s evidence that extensive faulting in the area provides for an adequate plumbing system to foster brine reservoir accumulation for moving fluids around.

That could prove highly advantageous during the drilling process which requires large amounts of water.

Once the mapping and sampling program is complete and data has been collected and analyzed, the ACME team will move forward with the development of drill targets to test indicated and prospective aquifers for lithium content.

FLV Claims

ACME’s Fish Lake Valley (“FLV”) claims are located only 25 miles from Clayton Valley — an area historically known to have evidence of lithium within Tertiary age sediments in the basin.

As noted, the neighboring Silver Peak mine has produced lithium minerals from brines continuously for decades upon decades… and that success shows great promise for ACME’s efforts in the region.

Sediments on the northeastern flank of ACME’s Fish Lake Valley claims have produced sampling results with values up to 600 ppm lithium in claystone.

Initial mapping and sampling on the FLV claims has shown values up to 600 ppm lithium in claystone.

Common geochemical values in these types of geologic formations range from 5 ppm to 40 ppm, which suggests the same process envisioned for Clayton Valley may have applications at Fish Lake Valley.

As with any early-stage exploration project — the drills will ultimately tell the story!

That’s the true essence of junior resource speculation: a single “drill hit” can have a dramatic impact on share value.

It’s all about finding the right companies with the right personnel, the right projects, and a sound share structure. ACME Lithium checks all of those boxes.

The Right People at the Controls

In the junior space, you’re only as good as the people running the show, and ACME Lithium has been set up from the start for one thing — success!

The company is led by president & CEO, Stephen Hanson, who brings 28 years of finance and corporate development experience across four continents with executive positions spanning the energy and mining sectors.

Yannis Tsitos, director, is a geophysicist with three decades of experience in the mining industry, including 20 years with BHP Billiton — one of the largest mining companies in the world.

You’re about to be introduced to the company’s leadership team via our exclusive interview with ACME president & CEO, Stephen Hanson.

Our own Gerardo Del Real of Resource Stock Digest sat down with the executive to go over all-things ACME Lithium — from the team and corporate structure to the current and future development plans for the company’s two core lithium assets in Nevada. Enjoy!

ACME Lithium Inc. (CSE: ACME)(OTC: ACLHF) CEO Steve Hanson

on Building Shareholder Value through Multiple Lithium Brine Development Projects in Nevada, USA

The Opportunity

Lithium — known as the white petroleum — is one of the key “clean-energy” power sources that will, hopefully and eventually, lead to a carbon-neutral future for our planet.

Demand is already soaring as the global EV boom goes into full swing.

And remember, it’s not just EVs. Lithium powers your laptop, your smartphone, and a whole host of other consumer electronics… not to mention its wide array of industrial applications (see below).

You just heard from ACME CEO, Stephen Hanson. He notes that lithium demand is expected to double by 2024.

He says, “We're expecting that the global lithium-ion battery market, in this year alone, to be over US$32 billion and expecting that to grow to over US$87 billion by 2027.”

And with all things going “electric” and “clean” — demand for the lightest metal on Earth should continue to rise for many years, if not decades, to come.

And that means select lithium exploration and production companies are poised to deliver some truly remarkable gains over the near and long term.

ACME Lithium’s strategic position in the epicenter of lithium exploration and development in the United States — Esmeralda County, Nevada — could soon prove advantageous as America seeks to stockpile the metal to satisfy growing demand.

With a current market cap well below C$30 million and a share-price under C$1 — now is the time to conduct your own due diligence on ACME Lithium to determine if adding a small share position to your current investment portfolio makes sense for you and your family.

ACME Lithium Inc. trades on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol ACME and on the US OTC exchange under the symbol ACLHF.

You can also learn more about ACME Lithium at their corporate website.

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