Is Almadex Minerals the Perfect Junior Gold Mining Stock?

It owns 19 properties, 18 royalties, 6 drills... and $3 million worth of gold bullion.

And it’s trading for less than the sum of its parts.

Almadex Minerals (TSX-V: DEX)(OTC: AAMMF) just might be the perfect junior gold stock.

That’s because it offers investors exposure to multiple facets of the gold business.

It owns royalties. It owns projects that are joint ventured. It owns projects that it’s exploring itself. And it owns its own drills.

With all those assets — plus a very attractive share structure and seasoned management — Almadex presents one of the better and most compelling opportunities in the entire resource space.

At its core, Almadex is a prospect generator… meaning it stakes properties, and then options them out to be explored by a partner that pays for the privilege while Almadex retains a royalty.

But it also explores some of the very prospective properties on its own. Prior major discoveries include:

Ixtaca — Now held by Almaden Minerals. It’s one of the world’s next great gold-silver mines at over 4 million ounces of gold equivalent in permitting with a mill secured. It’s a major takeout target. Almadex retains 2% NSR.

El Cobre — Now held by Azucar Minerals. This is a large copper-gold porphyry project that international major Goldfields came in and took an early stake in. Almadex retains 1.75% NSR.

Caballo Blanco — A very large gold deposit that was sold in 201. Almadex retains 1.5% NSR.

In all of those cases, Almadex Minerals (TSX-V: DEX)(OTC: AAMMF) retains the net smelter royalty (NSR).

Right now, it has two projects optioned out to joint venture partners.

Willow — This gold copper project near Yerington in Nevada has been optioned to Abacus Mining for shares, work commitments, and a carried interest. Almadex retains 25% of the project and doesn’t have to pay anything as it’s advanced to a Feasibility Study.

Paradise Valley — A past producer in Nevada. Makara mining optioned 60% of the project for cash, shares, and work commitments. Almadex retains 40% and is the operator.

Spences Bridge — Two projects in this hot area of British Columbia have been optioned to Independence Gold for shares. Independence can earn in to 60% of the project.

Almadex owns a few other royalties in that British Columbia area, including:

  • 2.0% NSR on Westhaven’s Skoonka Project

  • 2.0% NSR on Westhavens Prospect Valley Project

It recently received US$10 million by selling its 2.0% NSR on Gold Mountain’s Elk Project (which is heading into production).

With all these assets, and the recent cash infusion, Almadex Minerals is trading with a market cap of just C$16 million.

That is quite absurd considering it also has C$16 million in cash.

It is literally trading for cash value with no value being assigned to any of its other royalties, projects, gold, or drills.

Other royalty companies at similar stages are trading at multiples of Almadex’s current valuation.

Here to tell us how the company is going to achieve a re-rating to the upside is Morgan Poliquin, the President and CEO of Almadex Minerals. You hear from him below.

He runs the company along with his father Duane Poliquin, who is chairman.

Together, the team has over 200 years of combined experience in prospecting, exploration, and geochemistry:

Duane Poliquin, Founder and Chairman: Duane Poliquin received his degree in Geological Engineering in 1962 and has been continuously active in mining exploration around the world.

In 1972, Duane identified the Santa Fe gold property in Nevada and formed Westley Mines Ltd. to explore the project. Westley was taken over and transitioned into production.

Before founding Almaden, Duane discovered an extension to the Nevada Sheelite Mine as well as the Apex germanium-gallium mine - a specialty metals deposit in Utah that contained over one million tons of mineralized material with a gross value of over $1,000 per ton.

After founding Almaden and doing an IPO in 1986, Duane identified the Trinidad gold deposit in Mexico which was subsequently sold with a royalty retained to Eldorado Gold Corporation and became that company’s second mine.

Morgan Poliquin, President & CEO: Morgan Poliquin (Duane's son) earned his Masters of Science in Geology at the University of Auckland, studying geothermal systems and epithermal gold deposits.

His Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Exeter involved studying the geology and mineral deposits of eastern Mexico. His Ph.D. research was combined with the prospecting program he led in Eastern Mexico for Almaden. This exploration directly led to the Company’s involvement in the Caballo Blanco and Ixtaca projects.

Morgan oversees and directs the company's prospecting and property exploration programs, while his father manages the corporate and technical direction of Almaden.

The Poliquins have discovered multiple economic deposits. And they’re on the hunt again with Almadex Minerals, backed by cash and gold in the bank, a fleet of drills, near-term production royalties, and properties being explored by partner companies.

Here to tell you everything you need to know about why you should take a look at Almadex before exploration season this summer is President and CEO Morgan Poliquin.

Interview with Morgan Poliquin

CEO, Almadex Minerals

Production… Imminent
Drilling… Imminent

Share Price Re-Rating...

Almadex Minerals (TSX-V: DEX)(OTC: AAMMF) might not only be the perfect junior gold mining stock… but also the most overlooked.

It has C$16 million in cash. It owns 1,597 ounces of gold — worth over $3 million by itself — that the company loans out.

It owns 17 royalties in total.

It also has interests in 19 properties, some of which are optioned out… and some that it’s exploring itself.

It can explore by itself on its own because it also owns its own drills.

These parts, valued individually, are worth well more than the current C$16 million market cap Almadex is fetching.

And as its partners start drilling the projects in Nevada

The stock is set for a re-rating to the upside of multiples higher.

All that is happening this year… starting this fall.

So you’ll want to learn more about Almadex Minerals now.

You can do that at its website here.

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